The agricultural and enviromental team of Crete

How did everything begin


Back in 1994 and against the commodification of everything, 25 olive growers decide to make a difference. They cooperate and share experience, knowledge and skills in order to produce extra virgin olive oil from organically grown fruit. Based on the most important olive variety, Koroneiki and foremost criterion of product quality and love for our land, the cooperative started forming in our minds. A partnership based on the principles of solidarity, respect and fair trade. The goal was simple but great: to preserve traditional farming methods of our ancestors by applying the techniques of organic farming with respect to the land we were born and we received from our parents

The cooperative

In 1998 we start a small but promising cooperative of organic farmers, the Agricultural Cooperative of Organic Farmers of Messara. The cooperative started with 44 farmers, farmers engaged exclusively in agriculture but also people from various other professions that simply feel the need to work the land of their ancestors, as well as ensuring that healthy food arrives at the table of their families. Fourty four farmers who shared their love for the land and belief that to survive in their place and to save rural communities need a new, sustainable approach to agriculture. The main and basic purpose of this move was to revitalize the local community by keeping farmers on their land. We understood from the beginning that to achieve this goal should unite our productive forces to the cooperative manner, investing time, effort and passion to create a product that will reach a first time to our table and after market.





Thousands of years of history in the cultivation of olive and olive oil production since the Minoan era until today.



The blessed land of Crete, its geographical location and climate and particularly the valley of Messara, create ideal conditions for producing the highest quality organic olive oil.



Our organic olive oil is produced by cultivating the land of our parents and grandparents, with the same love and the same sense of responsibility, along our professional activities.



Our non commercial relationship with olive oil and land results into a product of high nutrition, ideal for our everyday diet. It is the very same olive oil we use in our family table either way.

Farmers on a mission


As we believe in the interdependence of all living beings in nature, so we believe that our cooperative structure must operate positively for all of us, including consumers-partners who buy our products. We promise these people the quality of products and environmental responsibility. Basic mission of our association is to support rural communities of Messara protecting the health of family farms and working forfinancial and environmental sustainability. The safety and independence experienced by farmers and love for our love are the best assurances that the members of our association will pass the tradition of organic farming to the next generation.

Our Certifications

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