Bioli Creta

A matter of good taste!


This is our pride product: a typical, Koroneiki variety Cretan olive oil of great taste and superb quality characteristics. We believe that the oil from this very area is a unique expression of the terroir; a distinctive microclimate, a hot, dry area during the day and cold at night, it provides the perfect stressful climate in which olive trees are known to thrive.

The taste

The oil is a deep golden-green hue with an expansive nose redolent of fresh cut grass and artichokes. The flavors run deep with the intense peppery and pungent finish that is expected of such youthful and fresh oil. Break out the grilled, rustic toast or dress the simplest of pastas with just oil, fresh garlic, and tomatoes and cheese. This oil’s flavor will stand up to the heartiest of dishes!


Our Certifications



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